Work at the Stewart Campus

Democracy Prep is a special place where scholars are empowered to become the future leaders of their community. We couple our rigorous academic curriculum with opportunities that develop our scholars into civically-minded and well-rounded individuals. 100% of our scholars are accepted to a four-year college.

How We Live Our Mission : Our Teachers

“For more than 7 years, I’ve worked in the charter school sector but I must admit Democracy Prep is not just a charter school…it is an extended family.  Our students are closing academic gaps in the midst of discussing social issues with confidence and compassion.  During this ever changing environment, our scholars are showing up daily with warm smiles and a sincere eagerness to learn and express gratitude. So, my question is ‘Why not Democracy Prep?’”

Shakeisha Harris, 

4th Grade Math and Science Teacher


“I love teaching at Democracy Prep because I am passionate about empowering my students to become agents of change in their communities. It’s super rewarding to help students connect with community activists, engage in project-based learning, and give back to their community.

Alyssa Pepio,

6th Grade ELA & Global Literacy Teacher